Introduction to the Alumni Association of PKUSLS


The Alumni Association of PKUSLS was formed by the alumni of PKUSLS. The purpose of this association are to maintain a community of alumni by providing contact information, promoting friendship, strengthening cooperation, distributing resources (human and technological) and contributing to our School, the University, and  Chinese Life Sciences.

The functions of the Alumni Association are as follows:

1.      Actively contact alumni and set up a multi-faceted platform to promote mutual self-help and collaboration;

2.      Perform as an active division of the Alumni Association of Peking University, by working together with other alumni organizations and creating a vibrant atmosphere for mutual development and cooperation;

3.      Manage and operate various funds donated by the alumni and others in the community to better promote the accomplishment of centennial development goals of the PKU School of Life Sciences.

The Alumni Association of PKUSLS was founded in 2008. While the university-wide alumni community work has been brought to prominence, also with the active help of many alumni and working staff, and enhanced through the hiring of full-time staff to carry out the service work, we have reached out to more than 5,700 alumni belonging to academic classes from 1946 to 2014, by establishing regular communications, sending alumni magazines, and gradually forming a comprehensive mode of operations to maintain and enhance this community of alumni. In 2015, with the opportunity of the 90thAnniversary of School of Life Sciences, school alumni work advanced greatly in many facets, and gradually shifted from the early “contacting” stages to the more mature “service” stage.

The current PKUSLS Alumni Association, as an Excellent Alumni Organization of Peking University, continues to better contribute to the alumni work in School of Life Sciences by aiming towards achieving the centennial goals of the School of Life Sciences.