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Senior Engineer
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Laboratory Introduction

Most of my research is in computational neuroscience and mathematical modeling of biological systems. My main research interests are in

1)    Theoretical and computational neuroscience

·       Statistical physics approach to neuronal network dynamics

·       Dimensional reduction of large-scale neuronal network dynamics

·       Neural computations of pulse-gated synfire chains

2)    Mathematical modeling and data analysis of V1

·      Modeling of mammalian visual cortex

·      Analysis of V1 neurophysiological and calcium imaging data

3)    Systems level optical imaging and modeling

·      Simultaneous behavior and neural circuit imaging of C. elegans

·      Analysis of large-scale zebrafish calcium imaging data

The bulk of my work in computational neuroscience has been aimed at understanding how biological functions and large-scale spatio-temporal dynamical patterns in the mammalian cortex emerge from the dynamic interaction between cortical neuronal network components.