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Representative Peer-Reviewed Publications
1. Wu Q, Zhang X, Peirats LM, Belda PB, Wang XF, Cui S, Yu XC, Rodriguezb PL*., An CC*., Ubiquitin Ligases RGLG1 and RGLG5 Regulate Abscisic Acid Signaling by Controlling the Turnover of Phosphatase PP2CA. Plant cell, 2016, doi:10.1105/ tpc.16.00364.
2. Zhang X, Wu Q, Cui S, Ren J, Qian WQ, Yang Y, He SP, Chu JF, Sun XH, Yan CY, Yu XC and An CC*., Hijacking of the jasmonate pathway by the mycotoxin fumonisin B1 (FB1) to initiate programmed cell death in Arabidopsis is modulated by RGLG3 and RGLG4. J. of Exp. Bot., 2015, Vol., 66(9): 2709–2721.
3. Yang L, Li BS, Zheng XY, Li J, Yang M, Dong XN, He GM*, An CC* and Deng XW*, Enhanced Salicylic Acid Biosynthesis Is Involved in Increased Resistance to Biotrophic Bacterial Pathogen in Arabidopsis Hybrids. Nature Communications, 2015, (6:7309), DOI: 10.1038/ncomms8309.
4. Yinfei Kong, Songbin Chen, Yang Yang, and Chengcai An* , ABA-insensitive (ABI) 4 and ABI5 synergistically regulate DGAT1 expression in Arabidopsis seedlings under stress , FEBS Letters , 2013 , Vol., 587:3076–3082.
5. Liwen Fu, Xiangchun Yu, and Chengcai An* , Overexpression of constitutively active OsCPK10 increases Arabidopsis resistance against Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato and rice resistance against Magnaporthe grisea , Plant Physiology and Biochemistry , 2013, Vol., 73: 202-210.
6. Xu Zhang, Qian Wu, Jiao Ren, Wanqiang Qian, Shanping He, Kuowei Huang, XiangChun Yu, Yin Gao, Ping Huang, and Chengcai An* , Two Novel RING-Type Ubiquitin Ligases, RGLG3 and RGLG4, Are Essential for Jasmonate-Mediated Responses in Arabidopsis , Plant Physiology , 2012 , Vol. 160: 1–15.
7. Xu Zhang, Qian Wu and Chengcai An* , RGLG3 and RGLG4, novel ubiquitin ligases modulating jasmonate signaling , Plant Signaling & Behavior , 2012 , Vol., 7(12):1-3.
8. Shuanglei Kong, Xinyao Liu, Liwen Fu, Xiangchun Yu, Chengcai An* , I-PfoP3I: A Novel Nicking HNH Homing Endonuclease Encoded in the Group I Intron of the DNA Polymerase Gene in Phormidium foveolarum Phage Pf-WMP3 , PLoS ONE , 2012 , Vol: 7(8): e43738.
9. Yang Yang, Xiangchun Yu, Lianfen Song, and Chengcai An* , ABI4 Activates DGAT1 Expression in Arabidopsis Seedlings during Nitrogen Deficiency , Plant Physiology , 2011 , Vol. 156: 873–883.
10. Shanping He, Kuowei Huang, Xu Zhang, Xiangchun Yu, Ping Huang, Chengcai An* , The LSD1-Type Zinc Finger Motifs of Pisum sativa LSD1 Are a Novel Nuclear Localization Signal and Interact with Importin Alpha , PLoS ONE , 2011 , Vol. 6(7): e22131.
11. Yang Yang, Xiangchun Yu, Lianfen Song, and Chengcai An* , Nitrogen Deficiency System is Helpful in Characterizing Regulation Mechanisms of Ectopic Triacylglycerol Accumulation in Arabidopsis Seedlings , Plant Signaling & Behavior , 2011 , Vol., 6(12):1-2.
12. Shanping He, Guihong Tan, Qian Liu, Kuowei Huang, Jiao Ren, Xu Zhang, Xiangchun Yu, Ping Huang, Chengcai An* , The LSD1-Interacting Protein GILP Is a LITAF Domain Protein That Negatively Regulates Hypersensitive Cell Death in Arabidopsis , PLoS ONE , 2011 , Vol. 6(4): e18750.
13. Jiayu Gu, Ye Wang, Xu Zhang, Shihua Zhang, Yin Gao, Chengcai An* , Identification of gibberellin acid-responsive proteins in rice leaf sheath using proteomics , Frontiers in Bioscience , 2010 , 15: 854-867.
14. CHE NanYing, YANG Yang, LI YanDong, WANG LiLi, HUANG Ping, GAO Yin & An ChengCai* , Efficient LEC2 activation of OLEOSIN expression requires two neighboring RY elements on its promoter , Sci China Ser C-Life Sci , 2009 , 52(9): 854-863.
15. Nanying Che, Lili Wang, Yin Gao, Chengcai An* , Soluble expression and one-step purification of a neurotoxin Huwentoxin-I in Escherichia coli , Protein Expression and Purification , 2009 , 65: 154–159.
16. Xinyao Liu & Shuanglei Kong & Miao Shi & Liwen Fu & Yin Gao & Chengcai An* , Genomic Analysis of Freshwater Cyanophage Pf-WMP3 Infecting Cyanobacterium Phormidium foveolarum: The Conserved Elements for a Phage , Microbial Ecology , 2008 , 56:671-680.
17. Li Xu, Ye Wang, Lijiang Wang, Yin Gao, Chengcai An* , TYchi, a novel chitinase with RNA N-glycosidase and anti-tumor activities , Frontiers in Bioscience , 2008 , 13: 3127-3135.
18. Li Xu, Lijiang Wang, Tao Liu, Wanqiang Qian, Yin Gao, Chengcai An* , Triton, a novel family of miniature inverted-repeat transposable elements (MITEs) in Trichosanthes kirilowii Maximowicz and its effect on gene regulation , BBRC , 2007 , 364: 668-674.
19. Xinyao Liu, Miao Shi, Shuanglei Kong, Yin Gao, Chengcai An* , Cyanophage Pf-WMP4, a T7-like phage infecting the freshwater cyanobacterium Phormidium foveolarum: Complete genome sequence and DNA translocation , Virology , 2007 , 366: 28–39.
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22. Wanqiang Qian • Guihong Tan • Hongxia Liu • Shanping He • Yin Gao • Chengcai An* , Identification of a bHLH-type G-box binding factor and its regulation activity with G-box and Box I elements of the PsCHS1 promoter , Plant Cell Rep , 2006 , 23: 85-93.
23. Miao Shi, Li Zou, Xinyao Liu, Yin Gao, Zhongkai Zhang, Weizhong Wu, Donghui Wen, Zhangliang Chen and Chengcai An* , A novel bacterium Saprospira sp. strain PdY3 forms bundles and lyses cyanobacteria , Frontiers in Bioscience , 2006 , 11: 1916-1923.
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