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ZHONG, Shangwei
E-mail: shangwei.zhong(AT)pku.edu.cn
Office Address: Wang Kezhen Building,Peking University, No.5 Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District,Beijing, P.R.China 100871
Lab Phone: 62760681
Lab Address: Wang Kezhen Building,Peking University, No.5 Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District,Beijing, P.R.China 100871
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Editorial Activities
Editorial Board Member for the journals: National Science Review, Frontiers in Plant Science.
Representative Peer-Reviewed Publications
(#equal contribution, *corresponding author)
25. Zhao Y.#, Shi H.#, Pan Y.#, Lyu M., Yang Z., Kou X., Deng X., Zhong S.*, Sensory circuitry controls cytosolic calcium-mediated phytochrome B phototransduction, Cell, 2023, 186: 1230-1243. [Highlighted by Science Bulletin, New Phytologist, and recommended by F1000]

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22. Chen D., Lyu M., Kou X., Li J., Yang Z., Gao L., Li Y., Fan L., Shi H., Zhong S.*, Integration of light and temperature sensing by liquid-liquid phase separation of phytochrome B, Molecular Cell, 2022, 82: 3015-3029. (Cover Article)
[Cover Article of the issue, Previewed by Prof. Enamul Huq in Molecular Cell,Highlighted by the Editors in Nature structure & Molecular Biology, and recommended by F1000]

21. Wu Q., Zhong S., Shi H.*, MicroProteins: Dynamic and accurate regulation of protein activity, JIPB, 2022, 64: 812-820.

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13. Liu X., Liu R., Li Y., Shen X., Zhong S.*, Shi H.*, EIN3 and PIF3 Form an Interdependent Module that Represses Chloroplast Development in Buried Seedling, Plant Cell, 2017,29: 3051-3067.
[TOP5 Most Read Articles in the month of publication, Highlighted and Previewed by Plant Cell, and recommended by F1000]

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[Cover Article of the issue, Previewed by Prof. Jose M. Alonso in Developmental Cell,and recommended by the Editors` Choice in Science Signaling]

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[Previewed by Prof. Winslow R. Briggs in Current Biology,recommended by Prof.Jorge J. Casal in Nature Plants,and featured by Prof. Eva Benkova in Trends in Plant Science]

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[Recommended by F1000]

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[Previewed by Prof.Christian Fankhauser in Current Biology,and recommended by F1000]

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1. Zhong S., Zhao M., Shi T., Shi H., An F., Zhao Q., Guo H.*, EIN3/EIL1 cooperate with PIF1 to prevent photo-oxidation and promote greening of Arabidopsis seedlings , PNAS , 2009 , 106 (50): 21431-21436.
Plants and Environment, undergraduate and graduate students, Autumn Semester;
Photosynthesis and Material cycle, undergraduate and graduate students, Autumn Semester;
Biochemistry Seminar, undergraduate students, Spring Semester;
Developmental Biology, undergraduate students, Spring Semester;
Frontiers in plant photobiology and hormones, graduate students, Spring Semester;
PTN Plant track course-Plant hormones, graduate students, Spring Semester.
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